How to get through Christmas without ruining your diet

If you’ve been counting calories, and tracking your macros with diligence, and some might say fervour, for the last few weeks or months – a potential iceberg in hovering on the horizon of your nutrition boat.


It’s there, in the dark, looming large. The shops filled to the rafters with boxes and boxes of jewel coloured chocolates. The temptation of delicious pigs in blankets. Even the Christmas cookery shows seem to be encouraging you to throw caution to the wind every time you turn on the TV and cook everything in 2 lbs of brandy butter and goose fat!

I get it. You, like me, have been monitoring your macros in MyFitnessPal and you’re seeing great progress on the scale. You’re a titan in the gym. You are crushing it and you don’t want to throw it all away for the Terry’s chocolate orange that Great Aunt Doris has slipped into your Christmas stocking.

Here’s what you’re going to do…

  • You recognise that Christmas happens but once a year, and this is a wonderful opportunity to make special memories with your family; the food is part of that.
  • You acknowledge that actually the components of a Christmas dinner really aren’t so damaging – vegetables and turkey are about as lean as it gets! Fill up on these wonderful seasonal treats. Go easy on the sprouts, we’re dieting, not bloody martyrs!
  • Those incredible must have parts of the Christmas food that you just cannot miss out on? Whatever those things are for you… Have some. Join in. Track them in MFP and don’t go mental. And simply get back on track on Boxing day.

You have got this. You are totally in control. You’re going to have a wonderful Christmas and all your dieting dreams are going to come true – I believe in you.

Drop me a comment and let me know what  you’re most looking forward to this festive season.

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