Hiring a personal trainer seeming like an expensive indulgence?

Making the decision to hire a personal trainer, or coach, might seem like an expensive choice. After all, there’s so much information available online for free, why would you pay for something that you could probably figure out yourself? You can figure out your own training stimulus, right? It can’t be that hard. A few push movements, a few pull movements. Throw in a few squats for good measure and job done, right?

It isn’t an indulgence to put your health first. You are worth your own best efforts. And if that still seems too selfish, your family, or the other humans around you depend on you. If there are others who look to you in any way for support, you have a moral obligation to be fit and healthy to be the most useful to them as you can be. You can also bank on your own health not being a problem or issue for you and yours to manage. And if there’s no one relying on you, and you’re only looking after yourself – then arguably it’s even more important that you can back yourself and your health as much as possible.  That’s not an expense, it’s an investment.  You’re worth investing in.

Sure, maybe you enjoy reading through programming textbooks, or blogs for ideas on how to properly and safely tax your muscles, or properly load your joints. Maybe you enjoy hours of YouTube analysis to make sure you can deadlift with perfect form without risking your back… but maybe you don’t, and would rather pay a professional to take that burden off your already busy, too-full hands.

If you wanted to learn to drive, you’d pay a driving instructor, even though someone in your family could probably do the job. If you wanted to pass an exam, sure you could just read the textbook from the library – but you’d do a better job with a professional teacher. You can feed yourself, but are you a chef?

You can probably do an okay job of the gym too – but how’s that worked out for you before? Stop and start, with some small progress? You go through the same routine week in week out? It’s definitely better than not going, but what if you made an investment in yourself, in your health, in your goals – for yourself, and for the people around you – even for a short time –  and see how it works out?

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