The obstacles in your path aren’t obstacles. They are the path.

Not finding the time to workout, or cook nutritious food because you’re too busy?

It’s common to find that when the kids are off school, your carefully planned routines go out of the window. Or when work starts to get a little bit crazy, those self care rituals are the first to get chopped. 

I often hear that I’ll come back to the gym when [some external event happens]. But we both know deep down that the set of circumstances you’re facing right now is unlikely to be unique to you, or even exceptionally unusual in your own life. Your children are on holiday from school several (predictable) times a year. You have to go to work and be productive for the majority of the week. That’s not weird, or unexpected, or an ‘obstacle’. 

The obstacles in your path aren’t obstacles. They are your path.

So next time when you catch yourself saying that you don’t have time to make that 45 minute class, or you can’t keep your hour long appointment with your trainer, or you have to get a takeaway because you didn’t get to a supermarket – resolve to go anyway. Even if you don’t stay for the full time. Even if all you can manage is a 10 minute blast.

Not because that one workout is so important in the grand scheme of things. But because you become the sort of person who doesn’t skip workouts. You become the sort of person who makes it a priority to nourish & respect their body with food. You are the sort of person who you want to be – and self identity is the game changer. Not food or exercise. Not really. It’s who you become when you do those things that counts.

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