“You can’t out train a bad diet” – I’ll help you with diet too!

I’m taking away the Saturday spin class, and replacing it with an educational class on nutrition. Here’s why I think this is important:

Every single time I poll my in person clients, they report that their diet gives them more difficulty than what they do in the gym. When they’re working out – I’m with them. I guide them through the movement patterns, the reasons why exercises are performed the way they are, and what it should feel like. I can show them, I can explain to them, and I can even physically guide them into position if necessary. I am able to give them tons of support with their movements.

Then they leave the session, go back to their regular lives, and get exposed to totally unfiltered nutrition information that might be of *ahem* questionable quality from instagram, or the Daily Mail, or what Karen said in the break room at work and they’re left confused. They need support making good choices that feel right for them and their needs. They think they need information – because nutrition is presented as this wildly complex thing that must be mastered and perfected – or they’ll be left bloated, gaining weight or develop a terrible disease. In fact, they need a few clear principles and the wisdom to apply them regardless of the changing whims of what newspapers report will be giving you cancer this week. 

That’s my goal for the class. It isn’t a diet class where every one has to weigh in every week with an assumption that you want to lose fat. It’s a classroom where you get to sort the facts from the bullshit. It’s going to make you bullet proof against the industry shills and their sales pitches for skinny tea, detox shakes and fat burners. 

I don’t want my clients to stay with me because they haven’t learned enough to manage their health on their own. Health is of vital importance, and as an industry we put a lot of emphasis on the fitness part of health & fitness, and not enough (in my opinion) on the health element. Every human should be able to nourish themselves properly and move safely. That’s what this is about. I believe people should be equipped to look after themselves properly – if they want to keep training with me after that, then it will be for the experience. Not because they don’t know how to do the basics themselves. 

There will be a main focus for the class each week, and I’ll compile it like a syllabus of practical information that you can apply immediately. Between classes, I hope people will submit questions for the classes to come – this will give me an idea where people are struggling most. It won’t just be for paying clients, this will be open to every gym member for free – and for a smaller fee than your local diet club, even non-members. 

So clear your schedule for next Saturday, bring a friend, bring a coffee, and let’s get down to business.

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