Your Diet Isn’t Your Identity

”Yeah, I’m doing keto and I’ve lost 8lbs.”

1. If you’re only “doing keto” during the week, and you’re increasing carbs on weekends, you’re almost certainly not in ketosis. You’re just in a perpetual state of feeling shitty, never working through that rough patch and making it out the other side.

2. Even if you are in ketosis, you definitely aren’t after the weekend because about 30g of carbs will knock you out of being a fat burning keto ninja back to being a regular mortal like the rest of us.

I’m not going to hate on keto: Keto works. All diets will work.

Let me expand.

You don’t need to be in ketosis to lose weight. And being keto only helps you lose weight because you’ve cut out an entire macronutrient group making it way easier to be in a calorie deficit.

It’s the calorie deficit that matters, not the carbs. But if keto works for you, great. If you find it easier to skip carbs than count calories, that’s cool with me. Just don’t think that because you don’t count calories that calories don’t count. They still matter.

Your diet isn’t religion, don’t allow yourself to be drawn into arguments about what’s best or which diet is the one true way.

Which brings me to a bigger issue: your diet isn’t your identity. Don’t get too attached to any one method (keto, paleo, weight watchers, slimming world, Atkins etc) – stay focused on the principles. These are what matter most rather than the methods you might use to get the result you want. 

There are lots of methods you can use to achieve your weight loss goal. Methods are the route through to your goal. Some methods will work better for you than others. Others will work for you for a time, and then other methods need to be found. Stay flexible – these choices are unimportant.

All diets work and they all work the same way: they create a calorie deficit. An energy imbalance. The question is which one is right for you and your lifestyle and preferences at this point in your journey. 

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