Stop Trying To Make Things Easy

Lacing up running shoes

You may be lacking motivation for exercise during lockdown and I’ve got the solution:

Stop trying to make things easy. 

You can do hard things.

Do you think when we’re in the gym my programming for you is meant to feel easy?

I sure as hell don’t.

Sometimes I’ll start off by easing you into it.

Give you a grace period to wake up, warm up, shape up.

But that’s just lube for your attitude. 

I make every single session you do with me just 





than you think you can manage.

That varies from day to day.

There are about a million factors which influence it, all of which we establish by having an honest coaching conversation. I can’t coach you if you won’t talk to me. That’s literally all I ask for from my Tribe.

On day one where you’re nervous and excited and uncertain about what on earth I’m asking you to do… that day, “just a little bit harder” might be getting you familiar with and using new language to talk about moving: squatting, deadlifting, words for muscles. 

By day 100 it might be that extra kilo on the bar.

Or that second off your rowing time.

But if your motivation to work out during lockdown has gone missing, consider that it might be that you’re trying to make life too easy for yourself.

That’s right: too easy.

Sure, there’s a time and a place for that. 

I actually pride myself on being pretty good at reading that in you guys and giving you the right balance that you need. 

Sometimes you do need to sack it off completely and go grab a coffee and use the hour productively meal planning or just taking an hour to not think about All The Things…

But don’t forget: You can do hard things. 

I know you can because I trained you to do it. 

It’s the thing that every member of The Tribe has in common, whether you’re in your 20s or in your 70s. You all take a deep breath in the face of whatever I’ve asked you to do, square your shoulders, and say, “I’ll give it a go”.

Right? Every single one of you has done that with me. 

You’ve just forgotten because we haven’t seen each other face to face in a minute for me to make you do the hard things.

Every single one of you has completed a Dark Place Workout where the only instruction I’ve given you is to be mindful of how you talk to yourself. 

The aim of those workouts is to train your mindset. 

To bulletproof you against hardship. 

To get you to lean into and embrace the suffering.

This is me giving you a pep talk right now. 

Unlike other people, you don’t need things to be easy to get them done. Things are hard because you’re lacking motivation? Good. That’s where we work best.

You don’t need motivation because you have discipline. Don’t feel like training today? Good. Do it anyway because those are the sessions that feel best when they’re over.

You decide when you’re successful. Not lockdown, not fleeting motivational bullshit. You move your needle. 

Book a call today.

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