Just Do One Thing.

Just do one thing.

Right. That is it. No more.

You’ve given yourself a pep talk.

…which honestly, is harsh af, you guys are mean…

You’ve decided enough is enough. You’re not happy living on your couch, eating Doritos you’ve found between the seat cushions.

You’re going to get up tomorrow morning at 5am, drink a kale smoothie, and go for that 10 mile run. Then when you’re home, you’re going to meditate for 2 hours, home school your 6 year old kids to a post-graduate level, bake as a family (which you won’t eat, because Health) and then do all the jobs around the house you’ve been putting off since you moved in, like re-shingling the roof.

Mega. Productive.

Except it isn’t, because none of it gets done. 

The alarm goes off at 5, you bin that right off and go right back to the couch cushion Doritos and 3pm wine. 

Does this absolute shit show look like your plans?

Look… You’re not alone. You’re ambitious as hell. I totally respect that. 

You’re just trying to do too many things at once. We’ve all been guilty of this; hopped up on Big Plans.

Just do one thing. Pick one really small thing and then execute it relentlessly every day. 

Instead of getting up at 5am in lockdown (I’m a morning person and even I’m like “what’s the point?!”) focus instead on maybe making your bed once you’re up. 

Instead of the kale smoothie – unless you particularly like that – what about including a piece of fruit you enjoy at some point during your day?

You don’t have to be billy big balls to make progress. Nor do you have to wait until the end of the journey to feel proud of yourself. You’ll get about 80% of the benefits of training and nutrition in around 20% of the time. 

But you will have to make changes, and sometimes push through “discomfort” of some sort if you want to make changes, ya know? 

You’re at a cross roads, right now. I get that. you’ve tried to do it alone before – and maybe this will be the time that’s different. But if you’re interested in booking a call, and getting some support, let’s chat.

Want to stalk me on social media first? I get it. I’m on Facebook here and Instagram here.

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