Just Do One Thing.

Just do one thing. Right. That is it. No more. You’ve given yourself a pep talk. …which honestly, is harsh af, you guys are mean… You’ve decided enough is enough. You’re not happy living on your couch, eating Doritos you’ve found between the seat cushions. You’re going to get up tomorrow morning at 5am, drinkContinue reading “Just Do One Thing.”

Stop Trying To Make Things Easy

You may be lacking motivation for exercise during lockdown and I’ve got the solution: Stop trying to make things easy.  You can do hard things. Do you think when we’re in the gym my programming for you is meant to feel easy? I sure as hell don’t. Sometimes I’ll start off by easing you intoContinue reading “Stop Trying To Make Things Easy”

First? Take Action. Motivation Will Follow.

Struggling with motivation? Here’s the little know strategy you can employ right now to find it again. This week I have spoken to several people who have told me that their motivation to work out was rock bottom.  Does this sound like you? “How can I motivate myself during this horrendous time?” “I haven’t workedContinue reading “First? Take Action. Motivation Will Follow.”

Overeating During The COVID-19 Quarantine

I’ve seen a bunch of content floating around the internet recently bemoaning the potential for weight gain during the lockdown we’re going through at the moment to isolate against COVID-19. There are a few things I’d like to talk about. You Might Have More Food Around Wide selections of food availability can encourage you toContinue reading “Overeating During The COVID-19 Quarantine”

Why Am I Not Losing Weight on My Diet?

You’re doing your absolute best on your diet, eating clean and abstaining from alcohol and chocolate – but by the time the weigh-in comes around, you aren’t seeing the results you wanted. You ask yourself, “Why am I not losing weight on my diet?” You’re frustrated and confused – and I’ve got the answers. I’m goingContinue reading “Why Am I Not Losing Weight on My Diet?”

Pre & Post Workout Nutrition

Pre workout nutrition is anything that you eat prior to your work out. It includes real food as well as any supplements you might want to take. Its job is simply to give you enough energy for your training session. If you train in the afternoon or evening, you’ll probably have taken care of thisContinue reading “Pre & Post Workout Nutrition”

Who Else Wants to Stop Excess Snacking?

Maybe you’re a pro at planning balanced meals, but things go awry during the hours in between. Excess snacking can put you over your daily calorie requirements and fill you up with sugar and other ingredients you’re trying to avoid. Lose weight and protect your health by changing the way you snack. Check out thisContinue reading “Who Else Wants to Stop Excess Snacking?”

4 Simple Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Get started now. The anticipation of new year is powerful. Once it gets here though, you won’t magically have more time. You’ll have the same limitations next week as you have right now. Getting a few days of progress under your belt – even if it’s not “perfect” – is a hugely powerful position toContinue reading “4 Simple Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick”

What time of day should I work out?

Let’s make something very clear from the jump, shall we? Whatever time you can find during your day to work out – take it. It’s one thing to have a discussion about what’s optimal, and when your mood and returns will be peaked – but it’s another thing entirely to have a practical decision aboutContinue reading “What time of day should I work out?”

Nutrition Challenge: How to Manage Your Portion Sizes

“You’re not leaving the table til you’ve cleared everything on your plate.” How many times were we told this as children, engraining it into us that cleared plates were the goal? Between this life time of conditioning, plus the ready abundance of hyper-palatable foods, and portion sizes from restaurants which have become bigger and biggerContinue reading “Nutrition Challenge: How to Manage Your Portion Sizes”