3 Easy Steps to Making Any Behavioural Change Last!

Starting a new habit or behaviour is exciting and in those first few days it might feel easy – you’re breezing through the meal prep, or the gym routine with no problem whatsoever. All too often though, this can fall apart after a week or two and you slip right back into old habits, andContinue reading “3 Easy Steps to Making Any Behavioural Change Last!”

Give Yourself Permission To Grow

“I’m not the sort of person who…” Fill in the blank.  “…is good at maths.” “…is comfortable with public speaking.” “…is into exercise.” As adults, who we are can sometimes feel set in stone and too established to change. We have made a decision about who we are – and who we are not –Continue reading “Give Yourself Permission To Grow”

Your Diet Isn’t Your Identity

”Yeah, I’m doing keto and I’ve lost 8lbs.” 1. If you’re only “doing keto” during the week, and you’re increasing carbs on weekends, you’re almost certainly not in ketosis. You’re just in a perpetual state of feeling shitty, never working through that rough patch and making it out the other side. 2. Even if youContinue reading “Your Diet Isn’t Your Identity”

“You can’t out train a bad diet” – I’ll help you with diet too!

I’m taking away the Saturday spin class, and replacing it with an educational class on nutrition. Here’s why I think this is important: Every single time I poll my in person clients, they report that their diet gives them more difficulty than what they do in the gym. When they’re working out – I’m withContinue reading ““You can’t out train a bad diet” – I’ll help you with diet too!”

Training with intensity – stop faffing about!

Several times a week, I conduct in person classes which are performed at high intensity. In a CrossFit environment, people really get what this is meant to feel like. That 100% max out on the air bike that leaves your legs like jelly. The slam ball finisher which leaves you feeling your pulse in yourContinue reading “Training with intensity – stop faffing about!”

Cast a vote for the sort of person you want to be.

Today I want to talk about where you spend your money and time. Whether that’s on the things that support your vision of who you want to become, or take you further from it. Do you invest in a gym membership that you never use, because that casts a vote for the you that youContinue reading “Cast a vote for the sort of person you want to be.”

The obstacles in your path aren’t obstacles. They are the path.

Not finding the time to workout, or cook nutritious food because you’re too busy? It’s common to find that when the kids are off school, your carefully planned routines go out of the window. Or when work starts to get a little bit crazy, those self care rituals are the first to get chopped.  IContinue reading “The obstacles in your path aren’t obstacles. They are the path.”

3 Steps to Managing Your Diet

“I don’t know what I should eat!”  I get told this a few times a week, and it seems like a real sticking point for people with their diets. It need not be complicated, I’m going to make a 3 step process to help you piece together some meal plans. Step 1: Make a listContinue reading “3 Steps to Managing Your Diet”

Trusting Yourself

I was talking to a new mindset client yesterday, and she was explaining that she often has periods of self doubt so extreme that she feels that she’s sabotaging the things in her life which she values most – her relationships, her health, her goals. I could empathise, and I’m sure you can too. You’reContinue reading “Trusting Yourself”