Overeating During The COVID-19 Quarantine

I’ve seen a bunch of content floating around the internet recently bemoaning the potential for weight gain during the lockdown we’re going through at the moment to isolate against COVID-19. There are a few things I’d like to talk about. You Might Have More Food Around Wide selections of food availability can encourage you toContinue reading “Overeating During The COVID-19 Quarantine”

Why Am I Not Losing Weight on My Diet?

You’re doing your absolute best on your diet, eating clean and abstaining from alcohol and chocolate – but by the time the weigh-in comes around, you aren’t seeing the results you wanted. You ask yourself, “Why am I not losing weight on my diet?” You’re frustrated and confused – and I’ve got the answers. I’m goingContinue reading “Why Am I Not Losing Weight on My Diet?”

Who Else Wants to Stop Excess Snacking?

Maybe you’re a pro at planning balanced meals, but things go awry during the hours in between. Excess snacking can put you over your daily calorie requirements and fill you up with sugar and other ingredients you’re trying to avoid. Lose weight and protect your health by changing the way you snack. Check out thisContinue reading “Who Else Wants to Stop Excess Snacking?”

Nutrition Challenge: I’ve Got a Sweet Tooth!

Each week on a Saturday I run a diet and nutrition class in the gym I work at. Each Sunday I put up a question box on instagram stories to encourage people to make requests for the following Saturday’s topic. People every week identify that they have a sweet tooth, and consider this a barrierContinue reading “Nutrition Challenge: I’ve Got a Sweet Tooth!”

The Outrageous Benefits of Eating Mindfully

“How soon after exercise should I consume my protein shake?” “What percentage of my calories should come from fats?” “What about ketones?!” These questions come from well intentioned people who just want to lose some weight. They are – understandably – baffled by the amount of information about the “right way” to lose body fatContinue reading “The Outrageous Benefits of Eating Mindfully”

All Diets Work: an infographic

And what’s more, they all work the same way: by limiting calories. The only factor that actually contributes to whether or not you lose fat is if you’re in a calorie deficit. There are a ton of ways you can make this work in your life, but actually it all comes down to 3 things:Continue reading “All Diets Work: an infographic”

Nutrition Challenge: I CBA to Plan Meals

It’s no secret that I have struggled with meal planning. In times of high stress, it’s always the first thing to get binned off for me.  In fact, you could probably take a pretty good inventory of my current stress level at any given time by opening my fridge and seeing how out of dateContinue reading “Nutrition Challenge: I CBA to Plan Meals”

Beginner’s Guide: Actually Executing Your Meal Prep

One of the most overlooked parts of meal prep for the week is how you actually sit down and execute your plan. People ignore this when they set their intentions for the week because they feel confused and overwhelmed about how it can fit into their lives. That’s why I am taking all the confusionContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide: Actually Executing Your Meal Prep”

Staying Full on a Diet

This morning’s workshop on nutrition was requested by a member who had been dieting for a while, but struggled to feel full on the foods she was choosing. When she started to feel hungry, she’d overeat and that made it difficult for her to achieve her weight loss goals. The request came in last week.Continue reading “Staying Full on a Diet”

Emotional Eating

“I can’t stop emotionally eating!” If this is you, you aren’t alone. Around 60% of my clients list this as a “major challenge”, with over 50% saying they have “intense cravings” and “snack when not hungry”. This doesn’t just mean when things are negative either. Celebrations and social events are emotional too.  The goal isContinue reading “Emotional Eating”