Your Diet Isn’t Your Identity

”Yeah, I’m doing keto and I’ve lost 8lbs.” 1. If you’re only “doing keto” during the week, and you’re increasing carbs on weekends, you’re almost certainly not in ketosis. You’re just in a perpetual state of feeling shitty, never working through that rough patch and making it out the other side. 2. Even if youContinue reading “Your Diet Isn’t Your Identity”

“You can’t out train a bad diet” – I’ll help you with diet too!

I’m taking away the Saturday spin class, and replacing it with an educational class on nutrition. Here’s why I think this is important: Every single time I poll my in person clients, they report that their diet gives them more difficulty than what they do in the gym. When they’re working out – I’m withContinue reading ““You can’t out train a bad diet” – I’ll help you with diet too!”

3 Steps to Managing Your Diet

“I don’t know what I should eat!”  I get told this a few times a week, and it seems like a real sticking point for people with their diets. It need not be complicated, I’m going to make a 3 step process to help you piece together some meal plans. Step 1: Make a listContinue reading “3 Steps to Managing Your Diet”