Who Else Wants to Stop Excess Snacking?

Maybe you’re a pro at planning balanced meals, but things go awry during the hours in between. Excess snacking can put you over your daily calorie requirements and fill you up with sugar and other ingredients you’re trying to avoid. Lose weight and protect your health by changing the way you snack. Check out thisContinue reading “Who Else Wants to Stop Excess Snacking?”

4 Simple Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Get started now. The anticipation of new year is powerful. Once it gets here though, you won’t magically have more time. You’ll have the same limitations next week as you have right now. Getting a few days of progress under your belt – even if it’s not “perfect” – is a hugely powerful position toContinue reading “4 Simple Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick”

Nutrition Challenge: Alcohol

This Saturday the nutrition class asked if we could talk about alcohol. It gets over consumed, particularly this time of year, with so many social events going on. You don’t want to turn down the invitation to come over for a glass of wine – because you don’t want to turn down the company ofContinue reading “Nutrition Challenge: Alcohol”

Nutrition Challenge: I’ve Got a Sweet Tooth!

Each week on a Saturday I run a diet and nutrition class in the gym I work at. Each Sunday I put up a question box on instagram stories to encourage people to make requests for the following Saturday’s topic. People every week identify that they have a sweet tooth, and consider this a barrierContinue reading “Nutrition Challenge: I’ve Got a Sweet Tooth!”

The Outrageous Benefits of Eating Mindfully

“How soon after exercise should I consume my protein shake?” “What percentage of my calories should come from fats?” “What about ketones?!” These questions come from well intentioned people who just want to lose some weight. They are – understandably – baffled by the amount of information about the “right way” to lose body fatContinue reading “The Outrageous Benefits of Eating Mindfully”

3 Easy Steps to Making Any Behavioural Change Last!

Starting a new habit or behaviour is exciting and in those first few days it might feel easy – you’re breezing through the meal prep, or the gym routine with no problem whatsoever. All too often though, this can fall apart after a week or two and you slip right back into old habits, andContinue reading “3 Easy Steps to Making Any Behavioural Change Last!”

Cast a vote for the sort of person you want to be.

Today I want to talk about where you spend your money and time. Whether that’s on the things that support your vision of who you want to become, or take you further from it. Do you invest in a gym membership that you never use, because that casts a vote for the you that youContinue reading “Cast a vote for the sort of person you want to be.”