Just Do One Thing.

Just do one thing. Right. That is it. No more. You’ve given yourself a pep talk. …which honestly, is harsh af, you guys are mean… You’ve decided enough is enough. You’re not happy living on your couch, eating Doritos you’ve found between the seat cushions. You’re going to get up tomorrow morning at 5am, drinkContinue reading “Just Do One Thing.”

Nutrition Challenge: Alcohol

This Saturday the nutrition class asked if we could talk about alcohol. It gets over consumed, particularly this time of year, with so many social events going on. You don’t want to turn down the invitation to come over for a glass of wine – because you don’t want to turn down the company ofContinue reading “Nutrition Challenge: Alcohol”

Nutrition Challenge: I’ve Got a Sweet Tooth!

Each week on a Saturday I run a diet and nutrition class in the gym I work at. Each Sunday I put up a question box on instagram stories to encourage people to make requests for the following Saturday’s topic. People every week identify that they have a sweet tooth, and consider this a barrierContinue reading “Nutrition Challenge: I’ve Got a Sweet Tooth!”

Nutrition Challenge: I CBA to Plan Meals

It’s no secret that I have struggled with meal planning. In times of high stress, it’s always the first thing to get binned off for me.  In fact, you could probably take a pretty good inventory of my current stress level at any given time by opening my fridge and seeing how out of dateContinue reading “Nutrition Challenge: I CBA to Plan Meals”

Beginner’s Guide: Actually Executing Your Meal Prep

One of the most overlooked parts of meal prep for the week is how you actually sit down and execute your plan. People ignore this when they set their intentions for the week because they feel confused and overwhelmed about how it can fit into their lives. That’s why I am taking all the confusionContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide: Actually Executing Your Meal Prep”