Stop Trying To Make Things Easy

You may be lacking motivation for exercise during lockdown and I’ve got the solution: Stop trying to make things easy.  You can do hard things. Do you think when we’re in the gym my programming for you is meant to feel easy? I sure as hell don’t. Sometimes I’ll start off by easing you intoContinue reading “Stop Trying To Make Things Easy”

First? Take Action. Motivation Will Follow.

Struggling with motivation? Here’s the little know strategy you can employ right now to find it again. This week I have spoken to several people who have told me that their motivation to work out was rock bottom.  Does this sound like you? “How can I motivate myself during this horrendous time?” “I haven’t workedContinue reading “First? Take Action. Motivation Will Follow.”

Overeating During The COVID-19 Quarantine

I’ve seen a bunch of content floating around the internet recently bemoaning the potential for weight gain during the lockdown we’re going through at the moment to isolate against COVID-19. There are a few things I’d like to talk about. You Might Have More Food Around Wide selections of food availability can encourage you toContinue reading “Overeating During The COVID-19 Quarantine”

Nutrition Challenge: Alcohol

This Saturday the nutrition class asked if we could talk about alcohol. It gets over consumed, particularly this time of year, with so many social events going on. You don’t want to turn down the invitation to come over for a glass of wine – because you don’t want to turn down the company ofContinue reading “Nutrition Challenge: Alcohol”

Nutrition Challenge: I’ve Got a Sweet Tooth!

Each week on a Saturday I run a diet and nutrition class in the gym I work at. Each Sunday I put up a question box on instagram stories to encourage people to make requests for the following Saturday’s topic. People every week identify that they have a sweet tooth, and consider this a barrierContinue reading “Nutrition Challenge: I’ve Got a Sweet Tooth!”

Staying Full on a Diet

This morning’s workshop on nutrition was requested by a member who had been dieting for a while, but struggled to feel full on the foods she was choosing. When she started to feel hungry, she’d overeat and that made it difficult for her to achieve her weight loss goals. The request came in last week.Continue reading “Staying Full on a Diet”

Emotional Eating

“I can’t stop emotionally eating!” If this is you, you aren’t alone. Around 60% of my clients list this as a “major challenge”, with over 50% saying they have “intense cravings” and “snack when not hungry”. This doesn’t just mean when things are negative either. Celebrations and social events are emotional too.  The goal isContinue reading “Emotional Eating”

Give Yourself Permission To Grow

“I’m not the sort of person who…” Fill in the blank.  “…is good at maths.” “…is comfortable with public speaking.” “…is into exercise.” As adults, who we are can sometimes feel set in stone and too established to change. We have made a decision about who we are – and who we are not –Continue reading “Give Yourself Permission To Grow”

Your Diet Isn’t Your Identity

”Yeah, I’m doing keto and I’ve lost 8lbs.” 1. If you’re only “doing keto” during the week, and you’re increasing carbs on weekends, you’re almost certainly not in ketosis. You’re just in a perpetual state of feeling shitty, never working through that rough patch and making it out the other side. 2. Even if youContinue reading “Your Diet Isn’t Your Identity”

Cast a vote for the sort of person you want to be.

Today I want to talk about where you spend your money and time. Whether that’s on the things that support your vision of who you want to become, or take you further from it. Do you invest in a gym membership that you never use, because that casts a vote for the you that youContinue reading “Cast a vote for the sort of person you want to be.”