Overeating During The COVID-19 Quarantine

I’ve seen a bunch of content floating around the internet recently bemoaning the potential for weight gain during the lockdown we’re going through at the moment to isolate against COVID-19. There are a few things I’d like to talk about. You Might Have More Food Around Wide selections of food availability can encourage you toContinue reading “Overeating During The COVID-19 Quarantine”

Pre & Post Workout Nutrition

Pre workout nutrition is anything that you eat prior to your work out. It includes real food as well as any supplements you might want to take. Its job is simply to give you enough energy for your training session. If you train in the afternoon or evening, you’ll probably have taken care of thisContinue reading “Pre & Post Workout Nutrition”

Nutrition Challenge: How to Manage Your Portion Sizes

“You’re not leaving the table til you’ve cleared everything on your plate.” How many times were we told this as children, engraining it into us that cleared plates were the goal? Between this life time of conditioning, plus the ready abundance of hyper-palatable foods, and portion sizes from restaurants which have become bigger and biggerContinue reading “Nutrition Challenge: How to Manage Your Portion Sizes”

The Outrageous Benefits of Eating Mindfully

“How soon after exercise should I consume my protein shake?” “What percentage of my calories should come from fats?” “What about ketones?!” These questions come from well intentioned people who just want to lose some weight. They are – understandably – baffled by the amount of information about the “right way” to lose body fatContinue reading “The Outrageous Benefits of Eating Mindfully”

Hiring a personal trainer seeming like an expensive indulgence?

Making the decision to hire a personal trainer, or coach, might seem like an expensive choice. After all, there’s so much information available online for free, why would you pay for something that you could probably figure out yourself? You can figure out your own training stimulus, right? It can’t be that hard. A fewContinue reading “Hiring a personal trainer seeming like an expensive indulgence?”

Perfect is bunk and it’s destroying your progress

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good! How many times have you started a diet or training regime only to have it fall to pieces a few weeks in? How many times have you started over – knowing that this time, you probably won’t succeed in reaching your goals? It is absolutely staggeringContinue reading “Perfect is bunk and it’s destroying your progress”

New Year’s Resolutioners: Keep Turning Up!

You’re almost three weeks into your dietary change. You’ve been prepping meals, and counting calories and macros for nearly 3 weeks. And you’re maybe hitting a wall. Maybe you’ve even had to restart and are fighting to keep these positive new changes in place. You might have read about how it takes 30 days ofContinue reading “New Year’s Resolutioners: Keep Turning Up!”

Do something to get your closer to your goals today! Don’t wait!

This time of year is peculiar. Christmas has passed, New Years hasn’t yet arrived. You’re knocking around the house in a post-Christmas slump, filled with mince pies and confusion, not really sure what day it is because none of your days have any structure. Maybe each night you go to bed and resolve that tomorrowContinue reading “Do something to get your closer to your goals today! Don’t wait!”